Seeing how we are all confined to our homes, let’s make a makom of peace while learning
about good midos and the geshmak of avodas HashemIY”H, may we all see yeshuos b’karov!

Bringing the magic of live storytelling to your family!

The power of a story is that it make worlds come alive within you. With a passionate story-teller that embodies the message of each story, Rabbi Kleiner excites every listener to hear more, over and over again!


  • Unique recordings that capture the raw feeling of an epic classroom story
  • The sounds of children and guitar accompaniment to liven the mood!
  • Loved by kids of all ages
  • Focus on good middos and geshmak in avodas Hashem!

Volume 3/4/6

11 Stories
Total duration: 4+ hours

Get the other albums below!

Volume 7

3 Stories NEW!
Total duration: 77 minutes

Volume 6

3 Stories NEW!
Total duration: 70 minutes

Volume 5

3 Stories
Total duration: 74 min

Volume 2

3 Stories
Total duration: 60 min

Volume 1

16 Stories
Total duration: 6 hours

Meet Rabbi Kleiner

Rabbi Shmuel Aron Kleiner has been teaching Pre 1A at the The Toronto Cheder for many years now. His stories are known to captivate his students, while inspiring them to develop a geshmak for good middos and Torah.

A Toronto native, Rabbi Kleiner is a graduate of Mir Yerushalayim and The Thornhill Community Kollel. He decided to share his talents as a story-teller with his first album of Stories with Geshmak! with the Toronto community. After selling out of CDs, he knew that there was a thirst for more, so he is now recording and planning to release stories on a regular basis. Stay tuned!


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